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The ENCHANTING & MODEST Biblical Character 


     One of the most charming and delightful marble sculptures in the collection of Salar 

Jung Museum is the life size statue of ‘Veiled Rebecca”, measuring to a height of 167 cms. 
 Some people with poetic bent on mind say that it is “a melody in marble”.  The classical 

standing image was chiseled by an Italian  sculptor namely Giovanni Battista Benzoni in 

the second half of the 19th Century AD.  

     Rebekah or Rebecca, the daughter of Bethual, is a Biblical character from the Old 

Testament.  She appears as a woman of Beauty (24,16), Illustrious (24,19), Hospitable 

(24,25), Decisive (24.57,58) making, and a Modest (24,65) woman.  Her brother 

succeeded in selecting a suitable match for her.  Issac, the groom, son of Sarah and 

Abraham.  Issac was invited to house by her brother to see her for selection and 

marriage.  After his arrival, Rebecca was introduced to Issac.   Shyness and modesty so 

natural to a young woman overpowered her that she tried to hide her excitement by 

drawing the veil over her face.  This modest act also in a way expressed her willingness 


marry Issac.

     It is this incident that G.B. Benzoni, the creator of this marvelous masterpiece, had 

successfully carved in marble.  The graceful pose of Rebecca itself is enough to prove the 

aesthetic sensibility of the sculptor.  What is most striking in the image of Rebecca is her 

form which is slender, coupled with qualities of contentment and quietness  The healthy, 

young and vigorous form and structure of the body, her bashful looks, slender hips, 

supple limbs, relaxed muscles, shapely toes, the delicate fingers, folds and wavy lines of 

the drapery, all bled in a graceful plasticity.  It is all in marble, and yet one hardly ever 

fells that the veil is of stone.

    The image of Rebecca and the round pedestal is said to have carved in single block of 

stone without any joint.  However the sculpture (Museum No. 100/L) is placed on a 2 


round mottled brown marble.  The pedestal has an inscription near her right foot, which 

inform the name of the sculptor, place and year as read in G.B. BENZONI, ROMA, 1876.

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