Sunday, May 30, 2010

Indians needs 500 Universities, 5000 Colleges and 20,000 Schools every generation.

Why ask: What India has done for you? Rather ask: What have you done for India?
The greatest duty our governments’ with the dynamic progress that needs to be achieved, together with the all round success we are witnessing, the time is ripe to launch at least 500 Universities, 5000 Colleges and 10,000 schools at the rate of every 50 years or each generation in India. In fact every city must have its Universities and every village its colleges and proportionate schools and other amenities.
Major cities must have several universities proportional to their population and need. These calculations are to be derived and can never be imposed by any unreasonable illogical baseless percent view from a narrow angle.
Managing with education sector the government has to be constantly, vibrantly and most vigilantly keep working to retain, update, improve and excel the education to maintain high standards and attain the quality to international standards.
Finding faults, criticizing, blaming, shirking responsibilities will bear no fruits. rather meticulously monitoring the whole system in a routine, progressive well programmed and organized manner all the year round, as foremost priority is the solution.
Expansion of all educational institute is a must which needs to be implemented by relaxing the stringent outdated regulations, in some regions, if necessary, that provide opportunities for adequate all round growth.
We Indians have been deprived of our educational rights ever since independence. The rate of growth in this fundamental right have always been neglected and shelved so much so that often the government never reasonable, statistically and analytically could ever chart out a code of rate of progress that the growth of the basic needs and facilities that necessitate in proportion to the progressive populations logically setting its constructive goals with a reasonable and futuristic vision set for its citizens in all walks of life.
It is an astonishing fact that till date we target such important decisions be made on whims, fads and fancies of a few often baselessly by those who lack the innovative creative outlook, knowledge and expert in such critical fields or are carried away by grudge or prejudice, who overrule their final decisions to set India on its progressive track and make every attempt to hold back its reign, that kept us lagging behind, time and again. This phenomenon has ultimately kept on eroding the often shaky, unstable governments from performing its fundamental duties and contributing to the welfare of a steady and constant progress under its shadow.
Commercialism & capitalism thus kept corroding, rotting and infiltrating fictitious foreign ideas and concepts that seemed rosy but bore little fruits, hindered our projects, programs and approach to resolve and streamline our national necessities, where compromise has no room, but kept on turning the table to its own benefits and kept disqualifying the desperate intensions, attempts of each milestone the government kept pressing on; ultimately these very vested interest sections kept on piling and counting failures or finding faults on the contrary. Whilst the masses kept on being exploited and deprived of their rights the government kept on becoming lame, crippled and remained at a mercy of such misfit visionary planners who are oriented to undermine, suppress under whose powers it breathes till date.
Those great expectations that the people of India had put faith in their governments never could accomplish nor live up to their dreams and aspirations.
Hope in the doubts that are raise are seed sown for a Greater Prosperous India. Every attempt in that direction must be most appreciated, admired and supported.

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