Sunday, May 30, 2010

“WORLD “ built on ‘PROFESSIONAL’ ethos!

Everlasting, Peaceful, Progressive, Flourishing “WORLD “can only be built on ‘PROFESSIONAL’ ethos!
Unless political ethos is converted to technical, professional or scientific ethos the world cannot be visualized that it will ever become universally habitable, peaceful and progressive.
Unless a distinct crystal clear goal in every discipline or sector with time bound planning and programming systems like the systems or International Codes as applied for achieving excellence of service in the spheres of architectural/ engineering projects, with a deep sense of appointing and empowering powers to intellectuals at every pinnacle and down the line, visionaries, commitment, accountability at every level on daily basis for achievement are targeted, reviewed, exposed, monitored, published and answered there is no way present systems can prove beneficial in this era of globalization; which has been the dilemma ever since independence.
Each day the value of government’s role and participation; aspects toward constructivism is slipping into the hand of privatized or the capitalist’s world i.e. breeding these disaster, of aimless backwardness.
The government must be competing (universally benevolent) with the privatized (self-centered) world in parallel; always and in every matter possessing the upper hand; without domination, or succumbed to or giving off ones justified, recognized powers; so that unscrupulous, corrupt, exploitation from the greed seizes. A government cannot just monitor without the capabilities of qualified constructivism.
The more the world’s aimless, crippled, unaccountable, limping, incapable, gimmick type systems of governments: unable to compete or withstand the back lashes from the capitalists or privatization and lacking due constructive qualification, enforced with unprovoked conviction, commitment, accountability the more we shall witness the menace of flourishing destructions of every form and substance, seems the end; due to the unimaginable, un-proportional greed to exploitation getting amassed, will continue heading even more swiftly and surely.

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