Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lovely-India/ Lovely-World

Lovely-India/ Lovely-World
can be built only 
by Professionals!

Have our ‘professionals’ lost their rightful power, place, position and 

authority in our societies, or is it that they have been cornered or do they 

lack the required directionality, process, perceptions that the society holds

 them responsible to provide or has the deteriorating domination of power

 politics have no time, nor approach nor concept nor vision to orient to 

such spheres of utmost importance for laying the firm foundations for the 

expected lasting progress of our beloved India?

The price of such ages old negligence or carelessness in such spheres that

 have kept uprooting them from the fabric of the development process will

 have to be paid in decades to come. The professional / scholars are as 

though out of bewilderment an extinct, worthless creed, whose impact 

has lost importance. The disillusioned masses have stopped relying on 

them to achieve their dreams of the lovely-India/ lovely-world that they 

aspire from their innumerous creative and devoted lot of Professionals of 

National & International caliber.

Have they succumbed to their own wound and are often just powerless, 

crushed, misunderstood by the misinformed general masses of the 

society, of the knowledge & might they can contribute in carving out 

or shaping our lives, our regions the world over?

Congratulations! The siliconindia portal/ forum/ website are an 

achievement, hats off to all those enlightened souls & spirits who 

launched it. The mission, aims, objectives and aspirations it has set 

perceptions on shall be a blessing for times to come. Of course without 

stint it has been a blessing and is in the axis of doing wonders.

The positive all round influence, realization & impact may hopefully 

being felt in both government and private projects & programs of 

national importance. The laudable impact / awareness must be viewed

from a positive & progressive attitude towards the realistic 

implementation for the wellbeing of the masses in the true sense of the 

word. The matter have to be from the result oriented approach and not 

just making it another tool to exploitation, by the narrow minded lot or 

misusing, misdirecting the attention of the serious lot or from continuing 

stunted growth, out of doubts & suspicion.

The utmost basic, essential, uncompromising and importance of 

constructive organic well planned growth is in satisfying the dire day to 

day & long term needs so far as all Professionals of Science & 

Technology, Engineering’s, Town Planning, Architecture etc. are 


A format for real constructive implementation if overviewed out of 

negligence shall result in eroding, destroying, ruining, bringing miseries 

where the adversaries of insanities that have suppressed these 

"professions" from contributing and performing constructively, humanely 

building a “lovely India” for us all.

The positive impact should have been felt in this age of globalization and 

crossed all boundaries by now. The pace of progress/ movement is left at 

a mercy of fate; the attitude must be on realistic transforming noble, 

novel, for both national & international ideas, forming that ethical 

confidence building & professional team ship; flourishing that 

assertion and will to perform miracles in shaping the world.

That dynamism in spirit must form a normal culture in the real sense of the

word. The respect, honor, justifiable place in the overall decorum, 

planning rights must be availed and put into force for these great 

sacrificing professional all over.

The spirit to imbibe is of a constructive national culture in perception of a 

“Lovely India” for a Lovely-World. The goals are to be set by all 

professionals in unison, the bondage, devotion in foresight to progressive

 aims & aspirations not just enjoyed from a visual angle and fictitious

 satisfactions but of marching forward, leading and enforcing if not dictate

the norms most aggressively to “build or shape-the emerging 

progressive/ powerful India ” in every nook and corner for one and all, 

and just not limited to bragging with falsified individualistic meager, 

isolated achievements and accomplishments.

Mohammed Shafiq Mohiuddin

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