Sunday, May 30, 2010

How Countries Prosper?

China stood the tides!

There is no doubt China has over taken the world in every sphere in this

 era, surpassing all fictitious, falsified, rouge attempts of defamation, 

allegations, twisting of arms tactics, irrelevant gossip over it, to isolate it 

which went to the extent in the hidden agendas that meant direct and 

indirect threats to its sovereignty and could even lead to sanctions, that 

certain countries in their bitterness and envy failed disgracefully and 

miserably in attempting to overpower, restrict, hold-on, and erode its 

importance, determination in dominating an impact on the world scenario 

of excellence.

Whilst most of the world powers joined in enforcing to harm its reputation, 

honor, trying to intimidate, ignite and even to provocations, bring on its 

knees, through the highest of offices; the devout Chinese were 

concentrating, unmoved or un-shirked on developments and 

improvements without paying a hoot to any of the negative attempts from

 the scorning forces that wished to undermine or belittle it, rather they on 

the other hand kept increasing their toil and labor towards progressing 

more aggressively and never cowed-down to any bullying tactics.

China never could be shaken, shirk or let loose its temperaments, 

exhibiting or expressing violence or showing signs of aggression in 

negative ways but gulped down its throat such negative attempts and 

never ceased to be vigilant to tactfully and intelligently tackle situations 

that would otherwise inevitably harm its focus toward domination of the 

world that it desired, or to change its course of accelerations in every 

sphere/ direction possible, whilst continuing to pursue its own agenda 

even more forcefully, patriotically, ardently, unitedly, in conviction and 

confidently in total unison, suppressing any inwards or outward signs to 

challenge, disregard, disillusion or distraction.

Of course, the world needs to learn from how Chinese by their great spirit 

of patriotism are most colorfully out-shining in the world. The most 

astonishing fact is that there is no country in sight that seems to have 

been making sincere attempts to challenge it, come closer to it, truthfully 

or faithfully and compete with it in thoughts, words, and actions or in 

spirit. Brooding over in isolation, baselessly and unreasonably expresses 

ones weakness that no way shall prove beneficial to ourselves or hurt the 

other adversary.

What is required by our intellectuals is to provide solutions through 

brainstorming for a firm footing, a leverage, towards healthy competition,

distinctly clear guidelines to plan/ program with firm will/ determination or

 constructive suggestions that lead to enforce implementation most 

devotedly/ religiously i.e. absolute sincerity by one and all Indians or 

otherwise that help to prosper in peace for the well being of all mankind, 

in every nook and corner of the world, in this age of globalization which in 

this age is not at all difficult, using all the means of science and 

technologies to resolve every problem on the earth.

The world must realize that exhibiting muscle strength, threatening, 

harping over, brooding, gossiping, tussles, quarrels, camouflaging 


disguising or covering up by false illusions or words, bluffing ourselves etc.

 are all, if not childish, are attributes of feminism which must be shunned, 

as they exhibit impotency of body, mind and soul; worse still: blinded to 

analyzing, reviewing, disillusioned or seeing things in their right 

perspective for planning the futures jointly and meticulously, is the need 

and the only way out for a better constructive, progressive, prosperous 

future, to be in the world arena of realistic success that matters.

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