Sunday, May 30, 2010

"International Intellectual Bankruptcy".

Signs of 
Mohammed Shafiq Mohiuddin

Signs of "Intellectual Bankruptcy".

Our innovations, our own developed technologies must be improved to 

overcome all challenges to their best by ourselves, indigenously, 

independently if we wish our own long lasting wellbeing. Believing 

ourselves, our systems, our creativities, our intellects, whole-hearted, 

doubtlessly developing and relying on our own professionals, scientific 

gifts evolved must form the core of our strategies.

Evil forces that wish “to market upon us” or “bank upon us” as ever on 

every one of our own self sufficient ways and means to prosper will not let

 us survive in peace. They will keep on making every attempt in 

desperation to distract to break our confidence so as to see us limping 

behind them and at their mercy, forever. As parasites they have formed 

that as their only means of survival.

Piling constant threats through every possible means, emphatically and

 boldly boasting on fraudulent criminal access to our secrets that our 

gadgets hold on that we use to organize for our rights, by far does not 

prove of their legitimacy, of valor or might as a matter to use tools of 

tactics as a right towards exploiting us, claiming their right to continue 

bulling, slandering our reputation, unbalancing on our tranquility, 

attacking our sincere attempts to be self reliant, by undermining, inducing 

fears of various kinds up to sanctions, causing hindrances in our most 

sincere efforts towards surviving in peace within our nation.

Norms of malpractice are the only left options at their disposals to show 

their muscle power, in their fictitious fears out of safety and security; 

lessons the world has learnt from the evil past that doomed and plunged 

the world’s economies to its worst ever disgraced state; never again to 

see the day of light nor growth, joy, love, peace and harmony. 

Disillusioned they think they can conquer the world and drag it back to 

slavery whilst turning themselves as masters again, a wishful, outdated 


Their untiring attempts to erode our belief, conviction on our developing 

mechanisms, institutions, systems, in our beloved country, shall not seize. 

Showing their 'real colors' and evil intensions of letting us Indians not 

prosper, at all costs. All attempts of such external forces and their allies 

must be suppressed at all costs without letting them realize their evil 

intensions and neither let them escape nor let go free un-retaliated, 

adequately. Undermining our political systems, interfering in our in-house 

matters in pitched day light and will in the least, must not be tolerated to a

stint. How can they dare to openly spy, hack, tamper and treason; 

unchecked, un-objected, un-challenged through the so to say recognized 

elite University Professors', Scientist of any great nation?

This is Intellectual bankruptcy, void of fundamental morals, values, 

principles and love for ethics that had been the seeds from their very 

inception which have bloomed and consequently have for that very 

reason, ultimately proven to result into universal disgrace followed up with

 failure after failure in the entire whimsical, fruitless ventures, finally to a 

state of extinction of the reputation that for ages seemed nothing but 

steps towards self elimination soon loosing the importance and shall have

 no say nor hold, that is worthwhile in the very presence nor in the 

directionality of the progressive future of the world, at large.

Empires build and having stood and flourished on fictitious myths,oriented 

with legalized criminalities has no place in the futurist world of realities. 

What is the future of the world in all fairness, if at all that matters is but 

ethics. When ethics are flouted and let go to the dogs then nothing can 

hold the bond for unified developments, peace or prosperity.

By undermining our great found, enlarging "Democracy" will not help 

flourish any other. India is India and shall remain a nation to dominate the 

world arena in intellectuality; come what may; and teach the world how to

 live in peace with such a lovely and vast diversity.

A nation/people cannot thrive prosperously long enough relying on 

"Intellectual Bankruptcy".

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