Sunday, May 30, 2010

International University Summits: epitome for Constructive Global Future.

International University
Summits must become the
epitome of our Prosperous
Global Future .
Mohammed Shafiq Mohiuddin
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International University Summits must become the epitome of our 

Prosperous Global Future.

Solutions to all the deep routed ages old individuals to over all socio-

economic problems that are unable to be sincerely resolved through the 

ages; simply because of lack of will by the vested interests or often due to 

the reasonably unqualified, temporary, changing, unsure, unstable, 

uncommitted, irresponsible, insignificant, void of ethics, disillusioned or 

unconcerned personalities leading or seated within the systems of 

government, the world over or that the very systems that empower and 

conversely flows the powers in the wrong hand, by the hereditary follies 

of our ancestors, providing not enough room for innovative reformations, 

in vision, thought and beneficial actions.

The pictures of the world’s innumerable failures, generation after 

generation, in every known sphere/ sector of activities that matter to all 

humane-mankind’s peaceful growth and survivability; so as to foresee, 

plan or overcome crisis are nonexistent either in the thought, words, 

actions nor in spirit by commitment or conviction in action that inevitably 

and undoubtedly, are, but the "Failure of such Institutions" that bear the 

brunt of confidence for fulfilling the dreams of a rosy future.

So we must look forward to the very outcome of such International 

University Summits, in essence that must be able to resolve those 

Universal issues which are undermining every legitimate factor for 

cohesion of recognition of benevolent institutions being the most 

fundamental problems of them all, by meticulously programming, providing

 conclusions through proper orientation and directionality towards the 

universal needs and necessities for universal sustainability and 

constructive developments for the harmonious survivability rather than 

self-centered and often destructive division of materialistically oriented 

greedy sections of masses of people for power, property, exploitation etc.

 that constantly infringe the very aims and ambitions in setting the very 

Ultimate Universal Constructive & Prosperous Global Goals for one 

and all; and neither, just limited to G8 or G20, but to the world, in spirit 

and action.

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