Sunday, May 30, 2010

International Standards

The culture to quality, adhere and comply to all round International Standards in general does not exist from the source or scratch factor in dreaming, creating, originating, evolving, managing, launching, manufacture, marketing etc. in that axis of International excellence, in general, seems nowhere in our sight.
This is mainly because it flows down from the top of the internationally oriented political systems which is conscious of the nation’s wellbeing and focused in a well programmed, distinct to long plan that goes to 50 to 100 years within and to cater to a sustainable future.
The perfection in analyzing, programming, qualifying, launching: individuals, professionals, companies and products, and also maintaining in the arena of inovations in the world market as a continuous process which does exists, except in few of our companies, often owned or managed by foreigners, in their own endeavor; venturing for excellence.
Adhering to the international acclaimed norms, specifications, standards meeting quality testing & certifications through approval systems governing the administrative and technical matters in the most sophisticated ways for compliance through scientific, engineered, valued systems; so as to play successfully in the world arena of competition and survive in the long run for generations to come; seems nowhere in the sight of our stalwarts.
Unless and until the whole country is successfully groomed, planned, proving the performance in all walks of life; firstly within the nation and subsequently to the world at large: from qualification to implementation that create a lasting confidence within our able, vision oriented progressive government’s leaders, planners, professionals, technocrats, entrepreneurs etc. the ambition of successfully uplifting our nation for all times, will not materialize.
India's successful compliance to produce, manufacture and supply in every sphere to International Standards, shall remain dreams within the minds and desires of the few conscious, helpless intellectuals, who have never been valued, honored and given their rightful placement and positions in our geo-political systems.

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