Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why are women more successful than men?

Success is not a property of man alone!

Man's failures are Woman's success!

All the noble, instinctive qualities that make up a man, a statesman, a 

benevolent leader, an ego idol who can be relied upon for achieving 


and prosperity etc. are overall not helping man to ascend but the 

carelessness, hooliganism, mobism, unvigilant in bringing to the forefront 

or lime light the right kind of candidacy, lack of right attitude, clearity in 

thought process, thinking, knowledge, qualification, outlook, etiquettes,

 vision or foresight etc. are dragging the overall reputation of man in the 

eyes of the women in descending downward whilst on the contrary the 

opposite is true for the women, who are more particular, more 

meticulous, more sure, more dependable or reliable are the reasons for 

which the tide is flowing towards advantages for the enlightened, 

progressive, revolutionary women.

Women therefore will keep dominating the show in all the spheres of life 

the world over so long as men are unconscious to such natural 

psychological phenomenon which are beyond domination, suppression or 

drifting away of the adverse effects from men, and if men wake up to this 

alarm, live up to the expected mark, deliver the due necessities, things 

might improve for them else there seems to be no sign for holding back 

the women to lead.

The long term effects if not checked of such a mechanism may not be 

beneficial in the long run and in the interest for both men and women. 

Correct balance sociologically, politically etc. must be maintained in the 

overall society as a whole.

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